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TowBox V2 Gog Roheline

   dog carriers TowBox V2 Dog Green   dog carriers TowBox V2 Dog Green  dog carriers TowBox V2 Dog Green



 HIND: 699 + km.



   tüübikinnitus    sertifikaat 


    Toodetud Hispaanias (EL)


  Maht 390 liitrit.



  Pet carrier. The most practical, simple, clean and comfortable way to 

  carry your dogs.

  TOWBOX® V2 DOG has a veterinary certificate which makes it ideal for

  animal transportation.

  Your dogs will travel comfortably and you will keep the inside of your

  vehicle free from odours and potential damage such as scratches,

  stains or bites.

  TOWBOX® V2 DOG is equipped with a central splitter and detachable


  The brackets of the V20 plate have been designed so that it is kept

  separate from the box and to allow proper ventilation for the pets.

  It includes a central splitter to carry the animals independently.

  It has drainage holes for easy cleaning.


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