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  TowBox Cargo V2




   HIND: 310 + km




It is a multi-platform placed on the hitch ball that allows effortless transport all kinds of objects such as pushchairs, wheelchairs, cases, etc. 

  • The TOWBOX charge is placed on the hitch ball.
  • It does not limit the vehicle speed.
  • No need to spend ITV.
  • It can be placed by one person in seconds. 
  • It is the best ally for bulky loads. Also avoid staining your vehicle when transporting dirty or wet objects.
  • Dimensions: 1120x696 cm. 
  • Empty weight: 21 kg.  
  • By rules of the DGT it is compulsory to wear visible signaling plate V20 outbound load on all models of TOWBOX.
  • See the user manual of your vehicle to calculate which payload can carry the TOWBOX. 
  • Note: The carrying bag Duffel Handi is not included in the TOWBOX Cargo. 


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